A downloadable game for Windows

Crawling everywhere, poisoning everything... Monsters are spreading an infection. To keep the world colourful and welcoming, you must kill them and heal the islands.

But be careful... you can heal and hurt everything! And the more the infection progresses, the more dangerous the world becomes. Take care of infected islands, which allow monsters to multiply...

Watch the progression of the infection: at 50%, the world will be lost forever


W A S D - Move

Space - Jump/Dash

Left Click - Shoot

E - Swap weapons (between heal and damage)

Mouse Movement - Look around

Esc - Pause/Unpause the game (Sorry, I didn't have time to make a pause menu. The game just pauses, that's all.)

Made for Wowie Jam! 2019


Infection.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file and run the .exe

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